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A Team For Life. 

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We use our experience to create yours

We are Florin and Simona Roman, diamonds with Young Living.

Our journey started over 9 years ago, and we are grateful beyond words for this opportunity. Recently, our oldest son, Gadiel, joined us in building his own business. 

We [deeply] care for our members and we believe every one of them deserves access to the training we pass on to our children. This website allows us to impart knowledge & wisdom nuggets, at scale.


Discover how we can make a difference in our world.

Our business model thrives on authentic and honest practices. We believe "hype" is short-lived, and is not the way to build something worth having. We honor people because we honor ourselves.

When we get better. everything around us gets better [including the people we serve, our businesses, and our world].

This is a Multi-Purpose Business Opportunity

At the top of this page, you read that we are Team Perpetuum. But more importantly...

We are a team for life.

First, it means that we promote amazing premium products that support a healthy lifestyle. They support both our physical and emotional needs.

Second, it means that we are here for the long run. This is a legacy business.